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Jay Saling
September 30, 2020

How Clean Air Assurance Is Helping Businesses Regain Valuable Foot Traffic

PureAware Blog - Clean Air Assurance


While reopening guidelines differ from city to city, business owners all over the country are welcoming customers back through their doors. Retailers, small businesses, and restaurants are all trying to rebuild foot traffic after a difficult six-month stretch. 


However, many loyal patrons remain hesitant to return to old routines, especially given how easy online shopping and app-based delivery services are today. In a world where people can get almost anything with a few clicks and swipes, it can be hard for brick-and-mortar businesses to compete, at least until a vaccine arrives. 


So, what can you do to create a safe environment that draws people back to your building?


Here, we discuss how clean air assurance is helping many businesses win back customers who disappeared last spring. By investing in the right air purification and clean air technology, you can accelerate your recovery, keep people healthy, and prove your success in this area.


Many Businesses Are Only Implementing Partial Air Solutions 


The vast majority of businesses are making changes and taking steps to create safe environments for their patrons. At a minimum, owners are keeping windows open and limiting indoor occupancy per city and state regulations. Those with more resources are upgrading HVAC systems with high-efficiency filters and UV-C lighting.


While these strategies do help reduce indoor transmission, airborne virus particles can still linger. As we discuss in our “Minimizing COVID-19 Indoor Transmission Risk” eBook,


PureAware eBook Download


There is a lot you have to consider to minimize the spread of pathogens throughout your spaces, even when people are practicing social distancing.


Can your budget and timeline handle an HVAC overhaul?

Should you increase your building’s air exchange rate?

Who will change your air filters?

How will you minimize ozone exposure?

How do you know your interventions are working?

Keep in mind that dilution is not the same thing as purification. You can’t just install new MERV 13-16 filters to reduce viral load, although doing so is helpful. You have to focus on purifying your air completely, which is where smart air purification comes into play.


Using Smart Air Purification to Drive Business

Investing in air purification technology has become an increasingly popular strategy amongst retailers, small businesses, and restaurants. With the right air purification solution, you can combat indoor virus transmission by diluting and sterilizing indoor air. 


We recently partnered with Purafil, a leading developer of high-quality filtration media, for a webinar in which we dive more deeply into how you should think about air purification for your unique building. Our panel of subject matter experts covered a wide range of topics, including why smart air purification is essential for guarding against COVID-19 spread and future pandemics.


Webinar on demand PureAware

As a business owner, air purification technology can be instrumental in helping you win over those who are hesitant to venture outside of their homes. Business owners are turning to tools like clean air assurance platforms that show their patrons that they are committed to a higher standard of air cleanliness.


About PureAware™ Technology

PureAware comes with portable air purification cabinets that remove 99.99%

of aerosols from the air. Each cabinet includes a patented 4-layer PuraShield filter,

as well as a certified HEPA filter capable of capturing viruses, bacteria, and other

particulate matter. PureAware cabinets are entirely safe for indoor use, as they

don’t use harmful UV or ozone-producing ionizers. Our service also detects when your

cabinets need new filters and automatically sends you replacements.



What Is Clean Air Assurance?

Clean air assurance from PureAware is a turnkey service that ensures the air in indoor environments is clean at all times. There are 3 components to the service:

  1. Air Purification Unit
  2. Remote Monitoring and Automatic Filter Replacement
  3. Clean Air Assurance App

You can learn more about all of these here.


Let’s dive into the clean air assurance app, PureAware. PureAware provides people the assurance of clean air through real-time air filtration status with the PureAware app. Simply scan the QR code that is provided upon entry of all businesses that use PureAware and instantly see the status of air purification in the space. 


The PureAware app provides dual assurance as not only customers can feel safe, but staff and building managers can also be assured the air in the spaces they work in and manage is actively being purified. 


How Does It Work?

Customers can be assured of clean air in 3 simple steps:


Step 1

Download the PureAware App

Mobile Screenshot


Step 2

Scan Your Unique Business QR Code

PA Headquarters QR Code

Step 3

Check The Real-Time Air Purification Status

Mobile Screenshot (1)


Clean air assurance has been applied to many different spaces including schools, gyms, restaurants, corporate offices, small business, retail locations, and more indoor environments.


See how Mr. Gatti's, national pizza restaurant chain, uses

PureAware to regain valuable foot traffic.



To learn more about how our PureAware smart purification service improves indoor air quality, calms anxieties, and sets your business up for reopening success, contact our team today.

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