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The Wellheads
June 25, 2024

Revolutionizing Data Management: Introducing WellAware Admiral, Commander and Scout!

Same great product, even better names!


WellAware is thrilled to unveil the new brand names for our intelligent edge products and automation solutions: Admiral, Commander, and Scout. These innovative solution packages represent our tiered offerings, meticulously designed to deliver exceptional returns by lowering costs, enhancing asset uptime and performance, and boosting safety for customers operating in critical industries and challenging environments. WellAware’s data management software solutions are deployed at thousands of sites across North America, managing hundreds of chemistries in a multitude of applications.

Admiral Icon - Final (1)Admiral (formerly WellAware ODC)


Admiral is our premium package, leveraging decades of workflow optimization and real-time machine learning to provide software-based optimization, previously known as WellAware OnDemand Chemical or ODC. This package processes key variables to enhance equipment performance. In chemical services, it achieves injection accuracy six times greater than the industry average, significantly improving ROI for service providers and equipment owners. The Admiral package builds upon the Commander package to include:

  • Complete automation, allowing the user to manage by exception and prioritize high need areas.
  • A five-minute data sampling rate.
  • Dynamic real-time optimization of control features such as PPM updates, H2S-based rate control, flow-based rate control, production-based rate control, and temperature-based rate control.

The name Admiral is fitting, as it allows the user to take charge, see it all, and run operations smoothly.


Commander Icon - Final (1)Commander (formerly WellAware PMC)


Commander is our intermediate package, offering bi-directional control and communication, formerly known as WellAware Pump Monitoring & Control or PMC. This solution allows for remote updates of setpoints, while reducing chemical injection variances, optimizing equipment performance, and minimizing costly field service visits. The Commander package builds upon the Scout base package to include:

  • A five-minute data sampling rate
  • DC voltage compensation
  • Real-time variance tracking
  • Wireless hardware calibration
  • Remote rate updates
  • Pump over-voltage protection

The Commander is named for its function of "commanding" changes to pumps and controlling actions in the field. 


Scout Icon - Final (1)Scout (formerly WellAware TLM)


Scout is our foundational package, enabling seamless remote monitoring with high measurement accuracy, previously known as WellAware Tank Level Monitoring or TLM. This state-of-the-art tank level monitoring system is engineered to improve inventory accuracy and optimize routes. Key features of the Scout package include:

  • Certified Class I Div II hardware
  • A one-hour data sampling rate
  • Standard & customized software and workflows
  • Sampling and coupon data
  • Power and voltage alarms
  • Tank and bulk alarms
  • Calibration and predictions
  • Real-time usage estimation
  • Bulk set points

The Scout is named because it sees it all.  It's out there working and sending back information to everyone who needs it, allowing appropriate action and decisions to be made. 


All of our products include WellAware’s in-house Client Success and field support team, regular over-the-air software updates, and guaranteed data reliability.  These units get the job done, and our failure rate is less than 1%!


About WellAware

At WellAware, we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions tailored for the oil and gas industry. Our technology empowers companies to monitor and manage assets and operations in real-time. This results in increased efficiency, enhanced safety measures, and sharper decision-making capabilities. With our solutions, companies can optimize the production processes, minimize downtime, and ensure full compliance with regulations. By harnessing data from sensors and various sources, we enable our customers to gain invaluable insights into their operations, empowering them to make informed decisions that drive success.


To learn more and receive a detailed report of how we can unlock ROI across your operations, contact us at https://info.wellaware.us/wellaware-contact-us.



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